Friday, September 20, 2013

Please Please Please Backup Before you Upgrade

This rant/warning is aimed at the masses that are currently upgrading their iPhones to iOS 7.0 and to anyone before they upgrade anything else.  Please backup your device before you upgrade.  Software upgrades don't always go smoothly and the data on your phone will suddenly become more valuable than gold when it disappears.  For my iPhone friends, it's easy, just plug your phone into iTunes and don't upgrade when prompted.  Go to the iPhone view and click on backup.  Then once you're backup is done, click upgrade and enjoy.

Another thing to consider is to use the free iCloud service to backup your contacts, bookmarks and other settings on your iPhone.  You can also backup photos, but storage beyond the initial freebie is a pay service.  Myself I backup my photos to Dropbox automatically when I plug my phone into my computer.

Help us geeks help you, backup so we can recover your data after we fix the problem. :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Story Manor Flood of 2013

A few days ago our deck was removed to make room for a new one. This means that right now our walkout from the basement is uncovered. Yesterday I noticed the outside drain was clogged so I cleaned it out and got water moving again. Unfortunately either the flow was less yesterday or the dead toad appeared today, but either way water started flowing into the basement because the drain was stopped.

Thankfully my parents had bought us a shop vac and it sucks water as well as dead toads. Once the toad was history the drain returned to normal and the basement was left with just a few puddles to clean up. Only one question remains, how the heck did a full grown toad end up under the drain grate?