Thursday, January 5, 2017

Diabetes 0 Ben 1

I had my first visit with the endocrinologist this week.  While at the office they ran my A1C again.  Since the initial diagnosis in November, my A1C has gone from 6.9 to 5.8.  The greatest part of this is that I did this with no medicine.  I must say that Nutrisystem D with exercise and better eating has done the trick.  In addition I've managed to lose around 30lbs.  My endocrinologist is still not happy with my morning fasting blood sugars though so I have to look at other changes.

The first one is to get with my GP about getting the BiPAP machine that my sleep study indicated I needed.  Unfortunately that whole process got sidelined when my foot and diabetes problems started.  Hopefully this will help me sleep better, lose weight easier and lower my blood sugar.  Or at least that's what the endocrinologist thinks. Beyond that she's testing for all sorts of things including thyroid problems.

All in all though, I would say month 1 goes to me. :)


  1. Good for you, Ben. It's hard work, but you're on the right track! Hang in there.

    1. Crazy eh? Guess it was all of those years chasing McKesson patches. :) Hope your retirement is going well.